About Us

We have been inspired by these words of Silver Birch in our lives and in our efforts.

The passion we feel and that gives a deep meaning to our lives is to contribute, even if in a very small part, to bring comfort to those suffering.

Spiritus Italia had been officially recognised as an Associated Body of the Spiritualist's National Union.
A recognition the establishes the cooperation between the SNU and Spiritus Italia in promoting and sharing the Spiritualist's teachings and message.

We are honored to represent in Italy a reference point for anybody interested in knowing more about SNU Spiritualism and the English School of the Arthur Findlay College.

"If you can only help one soul to find itself,
If you comfort only one mourner, 
Then the whole of your earthly life is justified."

                                                                        Silver Birch

Since more then twenty years Daniela is studying and researching in order to develop her knowledge about psychic sciences following the education of the Spiritualists' National Union, with the only aim to bring comfort and support to whom, as she did, is passing through the loss of a son.

The idea to create this Association and to start a Spiritualist's Training Scheme is the direct consequence: provide the basic "tools", with competence and professionality, to anybody wishing to develop his knowledge in this domain, to be in service to others.

The Spiritus Italia's Team, working side by side with Daniela in this project is exclusively composed by professionals with many years of training at the Arthur Findlay College.

The common objective of Spiritus Italia is to be in service to who is suffering, sharing our knowledge and bringing our experiences with anybody wishing to serously commit himself in this pathway of a personal and spiritual development.

Everybody, except from ego, is welcome!

Daniela Gervasoni  CSNU - President of Spiritus Italia
SNU Cerificate of Recognition in Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship) & Public Speaking

Arthur Findaly College - Stansted (UK)


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