Spiritus Italia Spiritualists' Training Scheme is a project designed to grant and certify to the students a basic theoretical and practical knowledge according to the teachings and the guidance of the Spiritualist's National Union, as our Association is the unique representative in Italy.

This is not only a training course on mediumship, even if this subject is studied deeply in its various aspects, but it's more about a whole approach to a spiritual journey of personal development with the aim to be in service to other people.


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Lessons will start on January 2018.

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Spiritualism is a science, a philosophy and a religion, why the enhancement of the main techniques proposed will be combined with lessons about the philosophy and the history of Spiritualism, teachings of psychology and scientific researches and experiments on paranormal phenomena.

To grant all the students the same level of knowledge and experience, the Training Scheme will start from a basic level.

The training scehme lasts three years (6 weekends a year)
To be admitted to each following year, students will be tested.
To the students that will have succesfully completed the three years scheme, Spiritus Italia will present a Training Certificate.

One weekend a year will be run by an English Tutorf from the Arthur Findlay College.